Apple Spends $30M To Buy MR Startup Spektral

Apple Spends $30M To Buy MR Startup Spektral
October 10, 2018

Apple has acquired Spektral, a Danish computer vision startup for approximately $30 million, as noted by MacRumors.


Spektral specializes in “machine learning for real-time compositing.” It created, a site for creating “webshop perfect” images from semi-professional product photos. In late 2016 Spektral developed a solution that automatically extrapolates a cutout from one frame to the next. This solution makes it possible to create mixed reality content for video in real-time.


Since the beginning of 2017 Spectral reportedly has been working with its algorithms to make this technology available on smartphones to enable “anyone, anywhere to create mixed reality content.” Apple could incorporate the technology into the default Camera app on an iPhone or iPad, use it in Messages or Clips, or otherwise incorporate it in the company’s augmented reality/virtual reality plans.

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