AccuWeather Lets You Watch The Forecast In VR

AccuWeather Lets You Watch The Forecast In VR
March 18, 2017

Checking the weather report is usually a colorless, simple experience -- a glance at an app to see the five day forecast or check the news for any major storms or events. If you have a Samsung Gear VR device, however, your daily forecast could soon be an experienceAccuWeather's new VR experience promises to offer immersive weather news, innovative forecasts and 360-degree video of severe weather events. 


It sounds like one of the least exciting VR experiences imaginable, and indeed -- the screenshots on the app's store page preview little more than a wrap-around VR view of temperature, humidity and UV Index charts. The draw is more about seeing extreme weather in action -- 360-degree clipslike a close up video of a tornado in Colorado, for instance. AccuWeather says new videos will be added each week, and hopes to provide users with an educational perspective on the Earth's most exciting weather events. The app is available on the Oculus Store for free starting today.

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