7 Ways VR Is A Blessing To Humanity

7 Ways VR Is A Blessing To Humanity
June 14, 2017

Today, virtual reality has become a buzzword in the technology world. Virtual reality or VR is, in simple words, a virtual environment created through technology where our senses can explore it as if they are real.


This technology is immersive in nature because the user can totally be isolated from the outside world and experience the artificial reality as if it is real.


Here are some of the applications of VR in the present world and in the future.


#1: VR Gaming


The concept of VR gaming has been imagined since the days of video games. Virtual reality in games is created through special VR software.


The imaginary gaming reality is then viewed and interacted by the users through VR headsets and other gadgets.


The modern VR gadgets for gaming comes with motion sensor and gyroscope sensors which works in sync with the game and the headsets.  The ability to interact with the virtual reality in real time is what makes VR games so fascinating.


#2: Visiting Places


VR technology in the travelling industry is being seen as the next big thing which can revolutionize how human beings experience places.


VR enables us to have an immersive experience. Imagine yourself visiting the Eiffel tower or the pyramid of Giza sitting on your couch, without even having to move an inch!


This is going to be true very soon through the means of wearables.


Wearables are small devices that you can wear which gives you certain information whenever you want it.


For example, Google glasses, which can give you contextual information around a place you visit.


Many popular airlines like Qantas and travelling agencies like Thomas Cook has created VR content for their users. Their customers can experience the popular tourist destinations in immersive VR content before they even visit the place.


#3: VR Flight Simulators


VR flight simulator is a boon for aviation industry, both civilian as well as military.


VR simulators are basically used to train pilots about the various operations of an aircraft, developing skills of handling an aircraft in different circumstances and to learn about a new type of aircraft.


Although VR simulators are highly expensive but if thought in terms of safety, cost of an accident and related losses, it is way too less. And a single VR simulator can train multiple pilots in its lifetime.


#4: Experiential Marketing


The future of marketing is going to transform because of the VR technology.


Consumers can experience firsthand before committing any investment. One of the potential area of application is in the real estate market where agencies can create VR database of all the property listings and conceptualize each property according to the buyer’s taste.


The buyer can experience the property in virtual reality without having to visiting the place in real. Other potential usage can be for University tour in VR before getting admission, broadcasting live concerts in VR where the audience can feel & enjoy the live concert environment without being present in the concert.


#5: VR for the Disabled


Researchers are experimenting application of VR to help the disabled. VR can beused to impart skills to disabled persons without any risks. This eliminates the safety issues faced in the real life world.


VR is also being tested to give a lifetime of experience to disabled people by making adventures more immersive through VR gadgets. Now a disabled person can experience the beauty of Himalayas through a VR headset.


#6: Entertainment


Virtual reality is completely reshaping the way we consume entertainment. VR has potential to replace two dimensional experiences.


Reality Lovers is an award winning company and worldwide website that combines adult entertainment with virtual reality. The high-quality videos found on the Reality Lover’s website (that are ready to be downloaded and played back via your VR gear/goggles) are immersive, making the overall experience even more realistic and exciting. What makes VR adult entertainment so appealing is the feeling of being present in it and making all your wildest fantasies come true in the comfort of wherever you enjoy from.


The next level of VR entertainment goes beyond passively watching videos.Amusement parks are using VR even on the roller coaster rides to provide a thrilling experience. Also, China’s Shanda Group is building a VR theme park in association with The Void.


#7: Filmmaking


According to Marcie Jastrow, SVP Immersive Media at Technicolor, VR is a perfect example of technology and art coming together.


Pioneers in this field like HP and Microsoft are working with the creators from the Film industries to make virtual reality similar to real world reality. Experts believe in the next 20 years virtual reality will converge with real world life and become a part of the mainstream.


The breakthrough in VR technology is being complimented by haptic devices, which blends virtual reality with sensory feelings. HP calls this ‘Blended Reality.’


The Future of VR


Virtual reality and other types of technology assisted reality is the future where human beings will be able to experience, create and manipulate artificial realities through technology.


The convergence of various other technologies and advancements with virtual reality will usher a new era in mankind’s evolution. Some part of the community is worried about the potential misuse of VR and damage to the brain and human psyche but the overall prospects of this technology looks bright.

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