In 2021, VR Will Be Part Of Our Everyday Lives

In 2021, VR Will Be Part Of Our Everyday Lives
December 28, 2016

Science has long predicted that one day in the future we will all exist within a virtual landscape (and some even claim we already are in a Matrix-like realm).


And the experts now claim this virtual world could come as soon as 2021.

Consumer research has found that virtual reality will be a common part of our daily lives within the next five years as VR headsets become increasingly accessible.


More-and-more people are warming to the idea of trading in televisions and screens for computer simulations, studies lead by Californian software developers The Foundry discovered.


There is soon going to be “an increasing appetite amongst consumers for high-quality VR headset content,” CEO Alex Mahon said:


“The fact that everyday experiences like watching sport are predicted to completely vanish for some people in favour of VR versions within five years is pretty incredible.”


Price is still an issue, though. Oculus-Rift, PlayStation and HTC all launched their own VR systems in 2016, the cheapest of which is around £350 (N200,000).


Surveys show people are willing to spend £134 (N78,000) on a VR system, tops. This is, however, still lower than the cost of most consoles. So it may just a matter of time before they’re comparable.

“Hardware providers need to lower costs in the next iterations of their headsets if they want to break through to mass consumer adoption,” Mahon said.


“We need more VR content creators to start experimenting with narrative and experiences to ensure we get compelling content into the headsets.”


There is also still a problem with VR making people feel sick and claustrophobic – which made up one in ten of the people surveyed.


But, again, just a minor setback for developers

Westworld may not be too far away in the grand scheme of things (Image: HBO)

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