13 Stock Images Of People Looking Stupid In VR

13 Stock Images Of People Looking Stupid In VR
June 27, 2017

The other day I noticed something: iStock has a lot of images of people looking ridiculous. Here are some of my all-time favourites.


I mean, it's understandable — it is literally impossible to look good wearing VR.


But there's levels to this shit...


1. Black Gloves Man

Image: iStock


Great stuff.


2. Man watching 3d virtual pornographic content

Image: iStock


That is literally the name of this image on iStock: "Man watching 3d virtual pornographic content"


3. Happy Man

Image: iStock


The title of this image is 'Happy man playing racing videogame in 3D virtual reality simulator'. The caption is: 'Happy young man is playing racing videogame in 3D virtual reality simulator using headset. Driving car in virtual reality'.


4. Camping Trip

Image: iStock


Just a little father/son bonding time. In the moonlight, in the wilderness, with our VR headsets connected to mother nature itself.


5. "In My Lifetime?"

Image: iStock


Title: Modern granny.


6. Whoops

Image: iStock

The expression of a woman who has trod on an extremely sharp piece of LEGO.


7. Taking Notes

Image: iStock


What is he writing on that paper? I must know.


8. Four Bros

Image: iStock


Just four bros, getting cosy on the couch. Holding tablets for some reason. THEY CAN'T SEE THE SCREEN.


9. Man Playing Video Games

Image: iStock

Title: Virtual Reality Console Player.

PC Master Race FTW.


10. Future Man

Image: iStock


Future man is in the future doing future things.


11. Aging Biker

Image: iStock


This man is doing what he loves.


12. Don't Have Kids

Image: iStock


Who let's kids use VR... at a goddamn beach?


13. Never Forget...

This is the worst one. Easily.

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