VR Helps Military Shop For Homes While Abroad

VR Helps Military Shop For Homes While Abroad
January 29, 2019

Shopping for a home while stationed abroad is about to get much easier and a whole lot more "real" for military buyers. 


Tim Carrender who is the owner of Aggregate IT Solutions, a cyber security company in El Paso, told KTSM he is using his military background to show homes in a virtual reality setting. 


"They can look at a multitude of properties wthout having to drive," said Carrender who uses a $3,500 Matterport 3D camera and some goggles for the job. "What this is able to do for us is to be able to go in throughout the house and do a 360 degree of pictures and collaborate all the pictures and resolute it into a 3D model." 


With military constantly moving to El Paso because of Fort Bliss, Carrender believes this is the future of real estate. He said, "[Service men and women] face a daunting task when they get here to El Paso to be able to look at properties for 10 to 15 days before they sign on to post, so this allows them to see properties through and augmented reality to get a better understanding instead of through depth perception through pictures or video." 


Still in its beginning stages, Carrender said he has come across a couple of challenges, such as the lack of technology currently in El Paso. However, he says he is already in talks with real estate companies and brokerages to add more homes to the system and expand his platform. 

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