London School Launches Degree in VR Design

London School Launches Degree in VR Design
October 3, 2018


The London College of Communication has become one of the first institutions in the world to introduce a degree program in virtual reality design.


The London College of Communication in London, England, is set to introduce a new degree program in virtual reality design which will help students acquire the skills necessary to create virtual reality content for a wide variety and purposes and needs. The master’s program, which was first reported on by online publication UploadVR, will launch during the upcoming 2018-2019 academic school year. The college is dedicating a new classroom to the program that will be equipped with the latest in VR technology.


“As more film and media companies experiment with VR content, we’re seeing increased demand from the wider industry for skilled virtual reality experts, which is why it’s so exciting to open these two dedicated courses at London College of Communication,” the college said in a statement. “In just a few years, these graduates will gain the skills and understanding to incorporate this emerging technology across various industries, including in technical careers and roles that are entirely new.”


The program description on the college’s website claims that students will be equipped by graduation with the skills to develop quality virtual reality content.


MA Virtual Reality (VR) is a new course that explores both the practical and theoretical implications of emerging virtual reality technologies.


The course will help to position you at the forefront of setting narratives and developing a critical language of how virtual reality can be applied across a vast range of media products.


Virtual reality has seen an increased uptick in usage around the world for purposes included but not limited to entertainment. Reports from earlier this year indicated that virtual reality was being used to help inmates learn how to do everyday tasks like laundry before they were set to be released.

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