'AI Girlfriends' Could Fuel Birth Rate Collapse

'AI Girlfriends' Could Fuel Birth Rate Collapse
February 5, 2019
POPULATION COLLAPSE: Japan is suffering a dramatic decline in births (Pic: RT/REALDOLL)


Realistic sex robots programmed to speak, learn and move on their own have been generating interest as technology becomes more deeply rooted worldwide. 


Artificially intelligent androids designed to resemble humans have primarily been developed by tech companies to serve sexual purposes for men and woman.


A debate about the rise of these machines has focused on several inventions, including Realbotix’s Harmony, Synthea Amatus’s Samantha and Roxxxy’s True Companion.


Despite the efforts of these companies, androids being developed by inventors are generally considered to be expensive sex toys used exclusively for pleasure.


But as technology becomes more advanced, there are concerns among AI experts about the social and moral justification for creating sex robots.


In Japan, for example, parallels have been drawn between the rapid population decline and the rise in popularity of technological devices, such as sex robots and “AI girlfriends”.


Demography experts have partially blamed "a national mood of loneliness and alienation" on the rise in sex doll usage among Japanese men seeking sexual gratification. 


Others have sought more meaningful bonds with technology, among them Akihiko Kondo, a 35-year-old school administrator who married Hatsune Miku, a virtual reality singer. 


The peculiar case of Kondo, while not the norm, nevertheless highlights the extent to which technology has become embedded within Japanese society and culture. 

AI GIRLFRIENDS: Men are increasingly turning to technology for romantic and sexual reasons (Pic: READOLL)

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