Zappar Announces Launch Of ZapWork Studio 5

Zappar Announces Launch Of ZapWork Studio 5
July 8, 2018

Zappar, a developer of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, and creative tools, announced ZapWorks Studio 5, an Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality creative suite that facilitates the process of creating interactive short-form content for mobile.


Supporting Zappar’s mission to democratize AR, getting XR technologies into the hands of the people that will build the next generation of creative content, ZapWorks Studio 5 allows marketers without coding knowledge or a development background to create amazing AR experiences. This is made possible through a brand new feature called Actions. From playing animations and launching websites to taking snapshots, Actions allows marketers to build interactive experiences in a visual way without impacting developers, who still have ultimate flexibility with scripting experiences.


In addition, Zappar has improved its comprehensive documentation and tutorials and simplified the user interface and language throughout.


“ZapWorks Studio really is the swiss army knife of our creative toolset. It has a ton of functionality - from 3D model support, timeline animation and scripting, to 360 panorama videos and images, commented Connell Gauld co-founder and CTO at Zappar. “In building and improving Studio, as with the design of any sufficiently powerful tool, we aim to balance exposing the greatest flexibility and feature-set, with providing a delightful, understandable, and predictable creative experience for our users.” 


AR is becoming one of the hottest trends in the marketing industry, enabling brands to turn every user touchpoint into an always-on, multi-media channel that they control and measure. The AR market is expected to reach $60.55 Billion by 2023 as brands continue to leverage the technology to drive consumer engagement, promote in-store events, encourage app downloads, and drive purchases. 

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