vTime Gets Audio Overhall With DTS Update

vTime Gets Audio Overhall With DTS Update
December 7, 2018

The update features DTS:X Game Audio.


During CES 2018 earlier this year virtual reality (VR) social network vTime revealed plans to make its service even more immersive by improving the sound quality by employing the expertise of audio specialist DTS. Today, that implementation has become a reality with vTime unveiling an update to rollout DTS integration.

The update features DTS:X Game Audio – a new DTS plugin – which uses a combination of localized, spatial and head-tracked sound, to put the listener at the center of the virtual soundscape.


“Having led the field visually on mobile VR since launch, vTime’s partnership with DTS now sets new standards for VR audio across mobile and PC,” said vTime Managing Director Clemens Wangerin. “vTime’s mission has always been to be the easiest and most immersive way to connect in alternate realities. Integrating DTS:X Game Audio brings us closer to achieving absolute immersion for our community.


vTime is the first consumer product to use the DTS technology, aiming to give users the best sounding 3D, spatial audio for their VR needs. To hear the new update in action vTime has created a newly launched Magic Show destination. Here, users will be able to enjoy a show featuring vTime magician Mr. Vee, while DTS showcases spatial descriptors, proximity effects for heightened social presence, and laser-focused directional sound.

“We believe that premium, immersive audio is essential for the best VR experience. vTime is the perfect platform and partner for DTS to deliver audio technology that enhances the user experience,” adds DTS Executive Vice President and Chief Products and Services Officer Geir Skaaden.


This is just the latest improvement the vTime network has seen since its completed a Series A funding round of $7.6 million USD earlier this year. It’s not just VR that vTime is interested in, the company is also developing a standalone augmented reality (AR) product, set to launch in 2019.

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