This VR Meditation Kit Runs On Your Brainwaves

This VR Meditation Kit Runs On Your Brainwaves
October 21, 2018

Calling itself a ‘well-being tool’ and a ‘neuro-meditation device’, Heal-ium is a mix of VR, brain sensors and multimedia that are combined to combat stress and anxiety. A low profile headband called the brain-computer interface detects electrical activity in your brain, and a virtual reality headset immerses you in an experience driven by your biometrics. According to Heal-ium, as your brain moves towards a ‘state of positivity’, the brain-computer interface picks that up and takes the VR experience forward. Heal-ium claims to be the first to do this in the world



Heal-ium is the world’s first VR and AR channel controlled by brainwaves, specifically the user’s positivity. Our kits can reduce stress reactions in as little as four minutes. In two peer-reviewed Journals, Healium has been shown to reduce moderate anxiety and increase feelings of positivity.

About the founding team:

Sarah Hill/ CEO is a 12 time mid-America Emmy award winning media and
technology professional with 25 years building successful platforms. She holds a
provisional patent on VR therapy with Dr. Jeff Tarrant.

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