Verifocal Wins CES 2019 Innovation Award

Verifocal Wins CES 2019 Innovation Award
November 9, 2018

Lemnis Technologies today announced that it has been named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Verifocal™ VR Kit, the world's first headset based on the company's Verifocal™ platform. This prestigious recognition honors Lemnis Technologies' pioneering work on computational displays and sets the bar for visual comfort and image quality in future VR, AR, and MR headsets.


The announcement was made during CES Unveiled New York, an invite-only tech event bringing together top media, exhibitors and industry leaders for a sneak peek of the products and trends expected at CES 2019 held in Las Vegas (January 8-11, 2019). CES 2019 will showcase life-changing technology across every major industry and provide access to the very latest transformative tech, such as virtual and augmented reality.


The Verifocal™ platform developed by Lemnis Technologies ( addresses the eye strain, visual discomfort, and low image clarity that plague today's VR / AR and slow down mass adoption. Current headsets focus at a fixed distance, leading to sensory conflicts when users observe nearby objects. In contrast, headsets with Verifocal™ adjust the focus naturally as the user looks around, eliminating the vergence-accommodation conflict with a combination of advanced software and hardware. Watch video on how Verifocal™ works.


The award-winning Verifocal™ VR Kit is a Virtual Reality headset based on Windows Mixed Reality, with inside-out 6 DOF positional tracking and two 1440x1440 displays. It includes a unique combination of Verifocal™ features that make it ideal for prosumers and enterprise VR users: 

- Dynamic refocusing varies the focus seamlessly, from as close as 25 centimeters and up to several meters; this results in a comfortable experience and stunning image clarity even when observing near objects, enabling hand-based manipulation and close object inspection for a range of industries and applications.

- Vision correction incorporates the user's eyeglasses prescription directly in the headset, providing a sharp and unencumbered experience for myopic and presbyopic users without the inconvenience of wearing eyeglasses.

- Eye tracking analyzes where the user is looking at in real-time to present an optimal, undistorted image on the display; combined with powerful analytics tools, gaze tracking can help better understand the user behavior in a virtual simulation, identify areas for improvement in a training scenario, or conduct consumer research.


Commenting on the award, Lemnis Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Pierre-Yves Laffontstated, "We're proud to help the growth of the entire VR / AR ecosystem. The CES Innovation Award confirms how important image clarity and visual comfort are to the quality of experience, and this is key to mass adoption. We're aiming to set a new standard for head-mounted displays, so that VR and AR finally have a real chance to become the next computing platforms." 
Representatives of Lemnis Technologies will be attending CES 2019, and will be available for private demonstrations during the event (contact ces(at)lemnis(dot)tech).

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