Turn Your Surroundings Into Lego-like VR Worlds

Turn Your Surroundings Into Lego-like VR Worlds
October 19, 2019

Remember 6D.AI, the startup that's creating a 3D mirror world of real life from the input of standard smartphones? The company recently released its SDK, and it makes what you see above possible: Scan a real world location into a 1:1 scale 3D model... then turn into a LEGO-like virtual world.


"It’s all built on our SDK," 6D CEO Matt Miesnieks tells me. "Instead of mesh triangles we draw LEGO blocks." These blocks are the only texture available in the SDK, he adds, but users can create and add their own textures -- opening up incredible opportunities.

With that functionality, we're not just talking about creating a mirror world, or an alternate mirror world made of LEGO-like bricks, but, endless varieties of mirror worlds -- say, a mirror world where reality looks like Minecraft, or a classic Nintendo game, or a Van Gogh painting, or... you tell me.


Here's how real world locations are captured.

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