SyncThink Track Athletes' Concussions With VR

SyncThink Track Athletes' Concussions With VR
August 28, 2018
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SyncThink, which uses a virtual reality headset to perform neurotechnology and brain health analytics, announced today the release of expanded software capabilities to its platform. Healthy individuals such as athletes can use these new features to improve dynamic vision, a key characteristic of high performance in sport.


The addition of these tools will also support professionals during a rehabilitation process after impairments have been identified. The purpose of these tools is to be utilized in early-stage screenings or to address deficits that place athletes at additional risk of injury.


The new platform additions will operate in concert with the company’s pre-existing suite of ocular motor and oculovestibular assessments. Similar to the existing VR experience, these features will provide interactive content to the user, allowing for real-time, instantaneous feedback, as well as a selection of graded training paradigms to systematically challenge and quantify the improvement in performance over time.


“What we have seen when we screen athletes is that there is a certain percentage of healthy individuals who have sub-optimal eye tracking for their sport. Perhaps they have a particular area in their visual field that could be better optimized with focused training, and when we provide that training they are able to quickly improve the quality of their dynamic vision and overall brain performance,” said SyncThink founder and chief scientific adviser Jam Ghajar, in a statement. “Recent studies have also suggested that these individuals could be more susceptible to injury, so the key is to screen them early to identify and remedy these deficits, as another step to mitigate risk and optimize performance.”


Palo Alto, California-based SyncThink continues to enhance and expand its novel eye-tracking applications through the use of a modified virtual reality goggle. By providing comprehensive assessments and aligning them with additional capabilities to improve performance, SyncThink envisions a dynamic and robust platform now fit for daily usage.


“Elite athletes need excellent visual coordination and predictive ability to succeed at their sport and are highly motivated to improve their skills,” SyncThink CEO Laura Yecies said in a statement. “Now they can use SyncThink to objectively measure and improve this fundamental element of their sport.”


All of SyncThink’s current partnerships with top organizations including the Golden State Warriors, the Pac-12 Conference, the University of Georgia, and others will be receiving this update, to further enhance their athlete’s wellness.


Based on 15 years of research and 12 granted patents, SyncThink’s first product, Eye-Sync, is a 60-second, objective sideline test that uses eye tracking to evaluate for ocular motor impairments and ocular vestibular dysfunction.


FDA-cleared for detecting eye-tracking impairment, Eye-Sync is used by university athletic departments and medical clinics from Stanford University to
Massachusetts General Hospital.

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