Sense Arena Brings VR To Ice Hockey Training

Sense Arena Brings VR To Ice Hockey Training
October 13, 2018

A new VR technology that aims to revolutionize ice hockey training has launched following a test earlier this year with the Boston Bruins and is being boosted by a minor investment from Burins’ right winger David Pastrňák.


As reported by sporttechie, The Czech Republic-based company, called Sense Arena, launched the earlier this week and has official partnerships with a number of organizations in its home country, including the Czech Ice Hockey Association, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University in Prague, and the professional hockey club White Tigers Liberec.


The platform provides users with access to more than 70 training drills which are all designed to help players improve their hockey skills, reaction times, cognitive ability, and many more by allowing them to quickly complete and redo the training thousands of times even when off the ice. The solution is using a HTC Vive headset along with specially-engineered hockey sticks with small sensors on them, a mobile computer kiosk, and four other sensors that are placed in the corners of a room to help the platform track all the action.


Sense Arena is hoping to not only provide current players and teams with a new training solution but also provide new players with an engaging way to speed up their learning. Thanks to the analytics and review side of things, it makes it easier for players to see what they are doing wrong and improve on those mistakes in no time. The end goal is to have the technology involved in some of the biggest hockey markets in the world, including the NHL.

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