Philip Rosedale: AR Is Not Better Than VR

Philip Rosedale: AR Is Not Better Than VR
November 21, 2018

Interesting NWN comment from Second Life/High Fidelity founder Philip Rosedale, responding to Magic Leap's just announced, no frillys avatar chat app:

''It seems possible that VR headsets like the Quest or Focus, with pass-through video capabilities and wide field of view at a consumer price point ($400) will provide a better experience than can be delivered with AR. You can't see a person's eyes when they are wearing the HoloLens or Magic Leap, so why not just wear a VR headset?''


If I'm reading this right, Philip is arguing that you can use the Quest and Focus' video capabilities to create augmented reality-type experiences within VR. (Whereas you wouldn't be able to do virtual reality-type experiences from within most augmented reality HMDs.) Which is a very valid point. I'm also intrigued by his acknowledgement that lack of eye contact is a problem for both AR and VR.


It was an issue also raised by game designer Warren Spector in last weekend's Sinespace Q&A, echoing his thoughts in an interview a few years ago. Others have raised possible solutions to this, such as displaying a VR user's eyes on a screen on the outside of an HMD. But that workaround seems so convoluted, it may be there's really no viable way around that barrier to adoption.

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