An Open Source VR Viewer For Second Life

An Open Source VR Viewer For Second Life
March 15, 2019

There's a new update to Firestorm VR, a Second Life viewer for virtual reality headsets, from developer Peter Kappler (links available here on his YouTube page). It includes some fixes and improvements to the open source project from since I first blogged about it last month; specifically new mouse and keyboard controls (as you'll see in the video above) plus better performance: "Stereo should look smoother now", Peter tells me.


And while Second Life is over 15 years old, he believes the VR experience his viewer offers is better than what you'd get in leading social VR platforms:


"Honestly if you go to other VR worlds you will find out that the worlds and avatars are not so complicated," as he puts it to me. "I bet if you build a sim properly and use proper avatars you can make SL look like VRChat -- even better. I saw some avatars that were looking pretty realistic in Second Life which I've never seen in VRChat."


How accurate that is, I leave up to brave early adopters who want to give Firestorm VR a try -- here's some instruction tips and advice from Peter:

To start, you'll need to download and install the popular third party Firestorm viewer for Second Life, then install the compiled version of Peter's code (link here), launch it, run SteamVR, and wear your HMD headset -- should be compatible with Vive, Oculus, and Windows Mixed Reality.


Oh, one more tip from Peter: "Not to go to sims where you FPS is under like 30." Slower frame rate, sad to say, is pretty rampant in Second Life. 

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