Omnifinity Further Immerses Players In Games

Omnifinity Further Immerses Players In Games
August 17, 2018

One of the limitations of virtual reality (VR) simulations is that you can only move within the confines of your present space in contrast to the limitless digital environment, so the Omnifinity Omnideck platform has been developed to change this.

The 360-degree walking platform will automatically work with your HTC Vive and a variety of other VR systems to automatically track your movement as you partake in the simulation. This enables users to move freely in their digital space and in real life to feel even more immersed in the digital experience than ever before.

The Omnifinity Omnideck boasts an ultra-quiet design that won't detract from the experience for users or cause a disturbance for nearby spectators, while the built-in safety features add peace-of-mind for players.

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