Oculus Go Headset Hits All-time Low At Amazon

Oculus Go Headset Hits All-time Low At Amazon
June 8, 2019
Here's a rare discount on the Oculus Go portable VR headset. Facebook


The Oculus Go is a pretty solid virtual-reality headset, offering lots of great VR experiences without tethering you to an expensive PC. I own one, and I like it a lot -- though see below for some additional thoughts.


For a limited time, Walmart is offering the Oculus Go for $169 shipped. Regular price: $199. This is the first real discount I've seen on the headset since it debuted about a year ago.


What's cool about the Go is that, true to its name, it's self-contained and portable. There's no PC required, yet you get a comfy headset with great built-in speakers and access to lots of amazing Oculus content.


It has no room tracking, though, so it's pretty much a stand- or sit-in-place experience. And there's only one controller, which definitely limits the kinds of games you can play. (No Beat Saber, sigh -- unless you do a little hacking.)


But overall: fun stuff. It's also pretty cool for watching videos via, say, YouTube or Netflix, though I can't say it's really enjoyable to sit with the headset on for any longer than about half an hour.


What's more, I think the killer VR option right is the Oculus Quest, though at $399 it's a much bigger investment. If you just want to dip a toe in, the Go is a worthwhile buy at $169.

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