NOLO VR Debuts $200 6DoF Cloud VR Device for Mobile

NOLO VR Debuts $200 6DoF Cloud VR Device for Mobile
January 9, 2020

NOLO VR has launched the world’s first 6DoF Cloud VR solution, the NOLO N2 VR headset + NOLO CV1 Pro-Motion tracking kit for less than $200.


In 2019, the commercialization of 5G brought positive effects to the global VR industry. Mobile network operators have also launched their own Cloud VR services. The NOLO N2 + NOLO CV1 Pro bundle is a low-cost solution specially designed for mobile network operator Cloud VR projects. At present, NOLO VR has started cooperation with China MobileChina Telecom, and China Unicom on Cloud VR services.



The cost of traditional VR devices is still out of reach for the average consumer. Compared to high-priced standalone VR headsets which the price is normally $300 or $400, the combination of NOLO N2 and NOLO CV1 Pro breaks industry barriers, bringing the price of a 6DoF interactive device below $200. The price is better for consumers and is perfect for the mobile network operators to use as a landing solution for 5G Cloud VR service promotions.


This bundle includes NOLO N2 (a cardboard type VR headset) and NOLO CV1 Pro-Motion tracking kit. With the combination of NOLO N2 and NOLO CV1 Pro, users only need to connect to a 5G smartphone or high-speed in-home broadband and there is no need to connect to a VR ready computer to play 6DoF Cloud VR games.


In a scenario of 5G network or high-speed in-home broadband, there is no significant difference when using the combination of NOLO N2 and NOLO CV1 Pro compared to high-end VR ready PCs with standalone VR headsets, but its advantages such as portability and high-cost performance make it take a superior product in the market.


NOLO CV1 Pro has higher positioning precision, refresh rate, and lower latency than the previous generation NOLO CV1.

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