Microsoft Teases HoloLens 2 Ahead Of MWC

Microsoft Teases HoloLens 2 Ahead Of MWC
February 11, 2019
Redmond offers early glimpse at its custom-made AI processor


The teaser (above), shared by Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman, doesn't tell us much about HoloLens 2. Instead, it offers what looks like a glimpse of Microsoft's custom-made AI processor, which it last year confirmed will be incorporated into its HoloLens HPU "to natively and flexibly implement Deep Neural Networks."


This means that HoloLens 2 will be able to analyse what the user sees and hears on the device, rather than wasting time by sending the data to the cloud processing, enabling features such as more sophisticated hand-tracking with hand segmentation and on-device voice recognition. 


"The chip supports a wide variety of layer types, fully programmable by us," Microsoft said in a blog post at the time. "[It] is designed to work in the next version of HoloLens, running continuously off the HoloLens battery."


This AI chip will likely come paired with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 SoC, with Microsoft ditching the Intel Atom CPU currently powering the first-gen model. This means the Windows Core wearable will also support LTE speeds of 1.2Gbps thanks to the integrated Snapdragon X20 4G modem.


Microsoft's MWC presser will take place at MWC on 24 February at 5 pm CET (4 pm UK time). Kipman will host the unveiling appear alongside Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CVP Julia White and INQ will be there to bring you all of the latest, natch. 


Microsoft's first Judge Dredd-style headset went on sale in the UK back in 2016, with the firm offering a developer-only version for £2,179 and an enterprise-focused model for £4,529. 

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