Make The Most Of Valve Index With These Accessories

Make The Most Of Valve Index With These Accessories
March 18, 2020
Valve Index Head Strap Cover


Valve Index is a top of the line virtual reality headset and with the right sets of accessories, you can make the most out of it.


Unlike Oculus Quest, the Valve Index headset still doesn’t have a large selection of accessories. However, as the headset gradually grows in popularity, expect more accessories to emerge in the next few months and years. Here is a look at some of the top Valve Index accessories that are available so far.


VR Cover

If you are looking for extra comfort and some extra hygiene when using your Index headset, you can purchase the Valve Index VR Cover. The Index already has a comfortable face pad as well as a well-fitting head holder. However, if you are sweating a lot and are sharing the Valve Index headset with other people at the same time, you can purchase the replacement pads and the hygiene solutions from VR Cover.


Apart from its comfortable hygiene covers for face pads and headgear, VR Cover also provides a complete exchange package for the Valve Index face pads.

Valve Index VR Cover


The company’s hygiene covers are made from cotton and can be washed normally using a washing machine. The face pads are also available in two different strengths and are made from washable synthetic leather.


Controller Skin

This is another comfort accessory for Valve Index. The Index controllers have an ergonomic design and a hand-strap that firmly holds the controller in the player’s hands. This is part of the package that makes the Valve Index controllers some of the best at the moment.


The hand straps can be adjusted in four steps to suit different sizes of hands. However, virtual reality users with bigger hands have occasionally reported difficulties in comfortably using the trackpad and button. The controller skin can help solve this problem.

Valve Index Controller Skin: The hard resin casing makes the controllers thicker thereby making it easier with big hands to grasp the controllers.


The controller skin can be placed on the Valve Index controller without blocking the finger tracking sensors that are in the handle. Apart from solving the hand size problem, the controller skins also make the controllers thicker and less slippery when you are sweating in the hands.


The controller skins will come in handy in high-adrenaline games such as Beat Saber where the pro gamers usually leave the controller hand straps open.


Valve also has a 3D printable STL file known as booster that you can use to build the controller skins based on a template so if you are grappling with a big hand problem when using the Valve Index and have a 3D printer, you can try this out.


Frunk Mods

This is a simple DIY mode that will give you extra comfort and performance. The removable front part of the Valve Index headset will reveal a tiny recess that has a USB connection. This is known as “Frunk”. This small gap has caused widespread speculation as Valve is yet to release any accessories for the gap.

Chilldex Valve Index Cooling Mod


However, the modding community is already taking advantage of it and are using the USB port for the Chilldex cooling add-on for the virtual reality headset or for a fan to cool off the gamers’ skulls.


In order to get more out of your virtual reality headset, you can also connect a Leap Motion controller for finger tracking on the USB frunk USB port. For a full list of all the Valve Index Mods that you can implement on your headset including the Frunk Mods, check out the FrunkMods Wiki.


VR Optician Prescription Lenses

Using virtual reality headsets with prescription glasses can be a bit cumbersome and can even damage the lenses of your Valve Index headsets. On the internet, there are some Index owners who have reported having scratched their Index lenses when using the headset while wearing glasses. Even if it doesn’t scratch it, there isn’t much space in the VR headsets to accommodate prescription glasses when you put on the headsets.

By using the VR Optiker prescription lenses, people wearing prescription glasses can avoid these scratches on the headset lenses and also enjoy greater wearing comfort.


VR Headset Cleaning Set

It’s always advisable to wipe your VR headsets clean before you put them on to immerse yourself in the virtual experience. To clean VR headset lenses, need to use a microfiber cloth to avoid causing permanent damage on the lens. A proper lens cleaning set will include microfiber cloths and glass cleaning spray or screen cleaner.

Microfiber clothing for cleaning VR headsets


Some retailers sell these as a set at great bargains.

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