Magic Leap To Share Demo & Specs Next Week

Magic Leap To Share Demo & Specs Next Week
July 6, 2018

Following the company’s last session of ‘Magic Leap Live’, wherein the company had promised that viewers would get to “meet Magic Leap One”—but then offered no substantive details and dodged the audience’s most prominent questions—the company is promising to share specs and offer up an actual demo at next week’s Magic Leap Live session.


Magic Leap has a long history of repeatedly teasing its purportedly groundbreaking AR headset and then failing to deliver substantive details, despite plans to launch the developer version of the headset by the end of 2018.


Things seemed to hit fever pitch with Magic Leap’s enthusiast and developer community last month when the company made it seem ahead of their live developer session like they were finally ready to spill the beans on what the headset could do and what it’s like to use it. But those that took the time to sit in on the session were dismayed to find that the hosts did little more than talk about menial aspects of the headset—like what the buttons do and how to put it on your head—without showing a proper demo of the device and then proceeding to ignore the audience’s most prominent questions like launch date, price, weight, resolution, field of view, and more.


So we’re not exactly holding our breath for the next session of Magic Leap Live, but the company claimed today that it plans to share “some” specs, and do an actual demo of the Magic Leap headset.


“On our next episode of #magicleaplive, we’ll dive into some Magic Leap One specs and share a demo of an upcoming developer sample,” Tweeted the company’s official account.


The next session of Magic Leap Live will be hosted on the company’s Twitch channel on July 11 at 11AM PT (your timezone here).

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