LG Next VR HMD Has Haptic Feedback & 6 Cams

LG Next VR HMD Has Haptic Feedback & 6 Cams
December 12, 2018

Hand tracking built directly into the headset.


Aside from the LG 360 VR headset for the company’s range of smartphones, LG hasn’t really tried to enter the virtual reality (VR) market in the same way as rival Samsung. LG has been working on a headset dubbed ‘LG UltraGear VR‘ but little has been heard regarding that device for several months. Now a new patent filing has revealed plans for a headset with haptic feedback and multiple cameras.


Spotted by the ever-reliable LetsGoDigital, LG Electronics filed a patent with the WIPO and USPTOunder the title ‘Mobile terminal and control method therefor’ which was published last week.


As you can see from the above image, the is for two components in particular, 6 cameras in dual sets – two on the left, two on the right and two in the upper middle – with haptic sensors placed in between each lens. All the cameras are designed to track a users hands in a virtual space, while the haptic sensors will provide feedback when touching objects.


From the application wording, the headset will be mobile and will be able to provide different haptic sensations depending on whether a user is touching an object or simply near to one. These feedback signals can also be varied depending on where the virtual object is touched or by what part of the hand.


There have been lots of ways trying to integrate haptic feedback into VR, whether that’s by use of gloves, ultrasound, or simply just rumbling controllers. LG’s design looks to be one of the first to integrate haptics into an actual headset, so how that will feel picking something up in VR and feeling your face shake is anyone’s guess – weird maybe?


It’s not clear if this new design is related to the LG UltraGear VR, but with CES 2019 now only a month away hopefully the device will make an appearance.

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