iPhone 12 Could Add A Cam That Shoots Any Sene In 3D

iPhone 12 Could Add A Cam That Shoots Any Sene In 3D
March 13, 2020
This render based on recent Apple leaks reveals what the iPhone 12 could look likeCredit: LetsGoDigital


APPLE'S next iPhone will allegedly add a revolutionary new camera feature that allows users to scan the world around them in 3D.


Dubbed a "depth camera", the tech will apparently enable funky new 3D photo and video effects when the mobile launches sometime in September.


It will also give the rumoured phone boosted augmented reality (AR) features.


AR overlays computer-generated images onto your real world view through a phone or other device.


Hugely popular AR mobile app Pokémon GO, for instance, beamed the game's cartoon characters onto a player's surroundings.


The 3D depth camera coming to the next iPhone is actually a laser, sensor and software system, a source told Fast Company.

The iPhone 12 is rumoured to come with a triple camera array (render pictured)Credit: Let'sGoDigital


It will allegedly sit on the back of the mobile and measure distances between the iPhone and various objects and surfaces around it.


That will allow it to capture almost any scene you point your camera at in 3D, granting users the chance to perform all kinds of image wizardry.


Apple engineers have been working on the gimmick, also known as a "world facing" camera, for at least two years, the source said.


The California firm has dabbled in cool AR features before.


Measure, an app on iPhones that uses simple AR tech merged with the camera to act as a digital tape measure, launched several years ago.


Samsung has a similar function called Quick Measure.


The alleged world facing camera should boost the iPhone's performance in this field, allowing for better photos in Portrait mode, for instance.

Portrait mode senses depth to take a photo with a "bokeh" effect that blurs the background while keeping the subject in focus.


However, the area where the new effect should excel is augmented reality apps.


Apple, for instance, is rumoured to be developing an AR app for iOS 14 that lets users point their iPhone at items in stores for extra information.


Direct your blower at a coffee or cake in Starbucks, for instance, and it'll show you how much it costs and nutritional information.


Apple hasn't confirmed it's working on any world facing tech – or an AR app, for that matter – so take the report with a pinch of salt for now.


We likely won't know anything concrete until Apple launches the new iPhone, likely in September 2020.


Rumours suggest Apple is primed for a radical redesign for the iPhone 12.


For a start, they will apparently do away with the "notch" on the front of the display.

Ever since 2017's iPhone X, Apple has had a small notch that juts into the top of the screen.


It houses the selfie camera and scanners for the Face ID unlocking system, allowing Apple to have a nearly all-screen front.


But Android rivals are increasingly doing away with the notch altogether, so it's possible Apple will follow suit.


Another key change is the framing of the device – the iPhone 12 will apparently have squared-off metal edging.


Ever since the iPhone 6, Apple has used smooth and curved edges.


But previous phones like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 had had square edges, which proved very popular with fans.


Many are hoping Apple will return to this more industrial design style with the iPhone 12.

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