How Will Oculus Quest Differ From Rift And Go?

How Will Oculus Quest Differ From Rift And Go?
January 21, 2019

Similar controls

The goal of the Oculus Quest is to deliver Oculus Rift-level graphics through a headset that doesn't require a phone, PC, or external wires. To do this, Oculus needs the Oculus Quest to match both the Oculus Rift's controls and graphical power. The Oculus Quest has a similar setup for gameplay as the Oculus Rift in terms of controllers, but there are a few small differences.


The sensors are in different places, with the Quest's being built-in to the device and the Rift's being external, but the result is the same. Both devices can track your movement in all directions.


The touch controllers are a bit different as well, with the Quest's flipping where the sensor rings are compared to the Oculus Rift. Again, the result is largely the same; both devices can sense your hand movements and allow you to interact with games.


The setup of the Oculus Quest means that developers can port games to the device that were originally for the Oculus Rift without having to overhaul the user interface or remap buttons. It also means the end user experience is similar in how they interact with and play games.


Similar graphics

The bigger hurdle for Oculus is making an untethered headset that can match the processing power of the Oculus Rift that can be attached to extremely powerful computers. In this regard, Oculus has done a good job, but VR power users or people with discerning eyes will be able to spot the difference between games on the Oculus Rift and ports on the Oculus Quest.


The internal hardware of the Oculus Quest hasn't been fully revealed at the time of publication, but it's going to be less than the powerhouse PC-powered Oculus Rifts, but in practice, the difference wasn't largely noticeable.


In his testing with the device, contributing editor Russell Holly played some games on the Quest that felt identical to their Rift siblings including Superhot VR and Dead & Buried. This means that while the Oculus Rift is technically capable of creating a better visual experience, the Oculus Quest feels similar in everyday use, at least for some games.

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