Hidden VR Menu Uncovered On Nintendo Switch

Hidden VR Menu Uncovered On Nintendo Switch
August 10, 2018

You thought the dream of virtual reality on the Nintendo Switch was dead, didn’t you? DIDN'T YOU? Well, despite Ninty itself routinely killing any speculation regarding the console’s ability to support the medium, a fresh discovery has again ramped up talk about the possibility of Mario et al. in the virtual realm.


As shown in the image above, Twitter user @random666_kys — who details the discovery in a thread — was able to activate a hidden section of code showing a screen marked as ‘Test VR mode’. Selecting the option splits the display into two equal sections, before also asking the user to move the console away from their face.


It’s not a lot to go off, but it does keep alive the prospect that Nintendo is working on VR in the background. If not for this generation, then we could perhaps see it all realised in the next iteration of the Switch.

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