Haptic Feedback & XR Interfaces, By CaptoGlove

Haptic Feedback & XR Interfaces, By CaptoGlove
July 12, 2018

Paul Sexauer of CaptoGlove talks about the new haptic feedback technology and new interface options.


In the drive to find ways in which to make virtual reality (VR) and other immersive experiences even more realistic and absorbing, haptic feedback technology is one of the leading ways that companies are trying to accomplish this, with CaptoGlove being one of the businesses hard at work on the technology.


Nina Salomons of VRFocus spoke to Paul Sexauer about CaptoGlove and its latest innovations, including a new XR interface and developments in haptic feedback.

Sexauer is the VP of sales and marketing at CaptoGlove, a company which was demonstrating its wireless, wearable glove controller at E3 2018. The glove can be used as a mouse, or game controller would, or work similarly to the motion tracking controllers used in VR.


At E3 2018, the demonstration available involved using the CaptoGlove controller to fly a military-style jet in F18 Flight Simulator from DCS. CaptoGlove frequently works with developers to integrate the controller interface for the glove controller into titles that are in development, and are still seeking out new partners.


As well as active collaboration, CaptoGlove also has a range of software development kits (SDKs) available, such as the Unreal Engine 4 SDK which was recently released, along with Steam VR and others.


The haptic capability was also on offer, which offered a sensory response to let players feel the VR environment around them. This technology will be integrated into the CaptoGlove controller, and is planned to be available from late Q3 2018. Existing versions of the CaptoGloves can be upgraded to the new haptic technology with a separate add-on component.

The CaptoGlove controller is available now through the CaptoGlove website, but is also available from Amazon in the USA. A single glove is priced at $250 (USD), while a pair costs $490.

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