Game-changing Measuring Tool Uses AR & Laser

Game-changing Measuring Tool Uses AR & Laser
August 21, 2019

Okay seriously, the Plott Cubit Smart Virtual Reality Measuring Tool is easily one of the coolest gadgets we’ve come across in a long time. Forget tape measures and forget traditional laser measuring tools, the Cubit is an entirely new breed of measuring device. It combines augmented reality measurements and design tools on your smartphone with a physical measuring tool that has lasers as well as a wheel for measuring irregular shapes. It’s a game-changer, and it’s available right now on Amazon.


Here are the highlights from the product page:

- ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: Conforms to industry standard of 1/8″ for every 30 feet

- EXTENDED REALITY: Transmits measurements via Bluetooth to your phone in real time

- DESIGN CENTER: Design your space via fully interactive Cubit app

- GUIDE: Guides you via the uploaded coordinates and chosen layout

- PLOTT AUTHORIZED DEALER: Includes USA manufacturer warranty

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