Cryptocurrency Casino Integrates VR Technology

Cryptocurrency Casino Integrates VR Technology
November 1, 2018

Welcome to the review that I present to all of you in searching for information and knowing the Alive Casino project is the world’s first cryptocurrency casino that integrates VR technology that is currently being run by the team. If there are deficiencies in explaining this article, don’t worry, I have prepared a link for you to get accurate information. and of course, you will be able to speak directly with the founder or our project team.


About Alive Casino

Alive Casino is named so because, both as a company and organization, everything is about “keeping everything alive.” First and foremost, casinos are, of course, a business, but also a community that lives and breathes. Alive Team strives, as its mission, to create alternative games that live, develop, and are safe for gambling fans. The casino’s main objective is to operate in such a way that it allows online casinos to occupy a larger gambling market share. This goal will be achieved through two main strategies: first, by simply following transparent practices, mostly through Blockchain technology, and second, by enabling real human experience for online players through effective social media and VR gambling experiences.


Alive Casino is an online gaming platform designed to seamlessly integrate Blockchain and take advantage of the latest developments in VR technology. Online casinos make previously invisible breakthroughs into traditional game communities by offering players all the games and ensuring that physical casinos can offer, while maintaining anonymity and supporting comfort, closeness, and practicality.


Furthermore, Alive has developed several partnerships and adopted the technology needed to provide a variety of player opportunities, including VR games that can be played from the first day. Thanks to the 360º view of our virtual casino, the player feels as if he is in a real 3D casino where players can play reels and find truly interactive slot games. The VR experience continues with the possibility of enjoying live dealer games that are seamlessly integrated into VR Casino. Players will not only be able to interact with the dealer in real time but even chat with him, just as he might in a brick-and-mortar casino.


The aim of Alive Casino is to provide the latest gaming experience that integrates the best online casinos with the charm and interactivity of the physical. For Alive Casino, social experience is a priority and therefore social networking features have been integrated into casinos at every level. The combination of social interaction, meeting new friends and communicating with the dealer itself will bring social experience to the next level.


Through the integration of proven social-media features, proven games, and cutting-edge VR technology, Alive strives to provide an exceptional playing experience.


The advantage of this project is


Top-of-the-line VR technology will give players a real casino experience without having to leave the comfort of home. Don’t have a headset? We have lots of non-VR games too!



Alive Casino dealers will work for you! Community token holders and players will be in full contact with the internal dealer team and their managers. Fun, safe and transparent interactions are guaranteed.



40% of Alive Casino profits will be distributed to token holders every three months. Alive Casino is a community, not just business!






ONLINE GAMBLING: The size of the online gambling market has increased from the US $ 20.51 billion to US $ 51.96 billion in the past decade. It is estimated that it will increase to 81.71 billion US dollars in 2022 which is more than 10% annual compound growth rate. Considering the development of new technologies that can be applied to this industry, one can state that this potential is really not realized.


The online gambling market shows great potential for online casinos to take “the first driving advantage” by integrating the two fastest adopting technologies. The combination of blockchain technology provides fast, safe and transparent transactions, with new experiences brought about by virtual reality to the world, one must believe that the future of gambling is Life.


“The advantage of the first driver is very meaningful. Just as bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, Alive Casino will be the first online casino to integrate the two fastest growing technologies. Pablo Gerboles, CEO of Alive Entertainment LLC.


VIRTUAL REALITY: Life will provide an opportunity to visit a land-based casino without leaving someone’s home. After VR Casino is set and launched, players get a 360-degree view of the full interactive slot and direct dealer table. VR technology allows players to play rolls, engage with direct dealers, and play other VR games.


- R Slot Machine

- Live R Dealer

- R Sports bar

- Social space R Multiplayer

- RA Real bet with 24/7 payment immediately


Token Details

- Symbol — AL

- Soft Cap: $ 10,000,000

- Hard Cap: $ 30,000,000

- The total number of tokens issued: 1,000,000,000 AL

- The current price of tokens: $ 0.015

- Standard token: ERC20

- Currency received: ETH

- Exclusive private pre-sale: 100,000,000 AL

- Token fee: $ 0.015

- Minimum investment — no

- Maximum investment — 75 ETH

- Bonus — 12%

- Private sales: 150,000,000 AL

- Token fee: $ 0.02

- Minimum investment — 10 ETH

- Maximum investment — 75 ETH

- Bonus — 10%

- PRE-ICO: 200,000,000 AL

- Cost: $ 0.04

- Maximum investment — 300 ETH

- Bonus — 8%

- ICO: 250,000,000 AL

- Token fee: $ 0.09

- Maximum investment: 300 ETH Maximum






Our team



Alive Casino is the first generation platform that provides solutions to problems with investors who cannot be on time, and whenever changes in the crypto market or price fluctuations are common in cryptography, this platform is sought after by potential users who are ready to automatically notify their mobile devices leaving the world without the slightest of their actions. They are trying to create an ecosystem that conceptualizes reciprocal benefits between traders and users, and a platform that can continue to maintain sales stability.


For more detailed information, you must visit the official website below:

Author: jampang.kupret


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