Create Spatial Audio In VR With 'Volta' Audio Tool

Create Spatial Audio In VR With 'Volta' Audio Tool
September 4, 2019

Royal College of Art graduate Alex Kane explains how his Volta audio production tool allows users to enter virtual reality in order to create 'spatial' audio in this exclusive video interview shot by Dezeen.


Kane developed Volta as his graduation project to complete his degree in Global Innovation Design at the Royal College of Art in London.


Users don virtual reality goggles to produce surround sound audio by moving different audio elements around manually in a 3D space.


Kane describes Volta as a "spatial audio production platform that you use in virtual reality."


The application offers users a manipulatable 3D visualisation of 'spatial' audio, a term referring to audio that gives listeners the impression of being in a space that surrounds them with individual sources of sound having their own precise locations in that space.

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