Biometric Data Helps Choose Holiday Destination

Biometric Data Helps Choose Holiday Destination
July 19, 2018

The Seeker project is a biometric programme by Le Club AccorHotels based in France. Seeker uses their potential customers’ biometric data to anticipate where they desire to travel. The programme was created in partnership with Canadian agency Cossette and digital experience creators The Mill. With a better understanding of their customer needs, Seeker offers tailored luxury travel.


Seeker immerses guests into an interactive sensory experience. While it stimulates the customers’ senses, Seeker collects data on their behavioural and biometric responses. This includes measuring EEG, heart rate, galvanic skin response and brain activity. Seeker is currently available in an online version. It presents customers with a series of questions and measures impulse-based reactions. It also uses webcam or a smartphone camera to track heart rates. From this data, the programme constructs a psychograph displaying a deeper insight into the customers’ vacation desires. It reveals their sense of adventure based on introversion and extroversion. It also anticipates whether they have a preference for company, along with picking out their ideal temperature and location. In addition to the online version, AccorHotels plans to place Seeker kiosks in their hotels by the end of July.


Here at Springwise, we have seen many travel innovations offered by hotels, airlines and agencies. For example a Japanese airline lets passengers travel around the world without ever taking off. Using a virtual reality simulation, the airline hopes this experience will help travellers choose and book their holiday. Another example is a train service that creates an underwater experience for passengers. Journeys are made more entertaining with virtual reality headsets that immerse passengers into a 3D setting with gaming elements. How else can companies enhance customer travel experiences using technology to anticipate their desires?

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