Augmented Reality Comes To Fitting Rooms

Augmented Reality Comes To Fitting Rooms
November 16, 2018
Image Credit: FXGear


Seoul-based augmented reality brand FXGear recently unveiled its FXMirror concept which acts as a virtual fitting room platform that aims to take retail technology and experiences to new and exciting heights. Already trialed inside Korea's Lotte Department Store, the AR mirror works by calculating a person's exact height and measurements to showcase the most precise image of what clothing looks like when worn.


When describing FXGear's latest ventures, the company's CEO Choi Kwang-jin states that AR is one of its primary areas of focus. "In China, customers who purchase their garments online account more than 50 percent of all purchases. When purchasing clothes online, people want to know if it fits. I believe FXMirror's mobile version can help customers find this out," he said. 

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