5 VR Headsets You Can Buy For Less Than £80

5 VR Headsets You Can Buy For Less Than £80
July 7, 2018

VR is getting cheaper all the time, but if your budget doesn't stretch to three figures, there's still plenty of options available.


Once an attraction in sci-fi movies, virtual reality (VR) has now become a reality of today. (No pun intended.) The technology has become so accessible that you can buy an affordable VR headset, stow your smartphone in it and explore virtual worlds like you were a part of them. Here is a list of 5 VR headsets you can purchase without breaking the bank. Please note: Prices are accurate as of the end of May 2018.


Merge VR

They are made out of flexible foam for the comfort of your face when you wear them for a long time. You can conveniently use this headset with any Android or iOS-powered device. The weight is just 340 grams, and what makes them special is their shock and water resistance.


You can clean them with a piece of cloth, use left and right buttons for input, and adjust lenses according to your needs. You can find them in special offers for as low as under £50 (GBP). The Field of View (FOV) for this device is 96o.

Google Daydream 2

The second version of the Google Daydream is a huge improvement from the first iteration of these headsets that were only compatible with the Google Pixel lineup of smartphones. They weigh 261g and the main material they are made from is fabric. You place a smartphone in the headsets to make them work. The device features a homemade VR interface, which allows you to download content and apps from Google Play. You can navigate through the system while wearing your headset.


Furthermore, the VR headset can be controlled via a remote. The FOV of the Google Daydream 2 is an upgrade on the initial iteration – 100o compared to 90o. The headset is compatible with almost all Android smartphones. While the device is expensive, you can find it in some stores for under £60.

Samsung Gear VR 2

2017’s upgraded black Samsung Gear VR 2 might be a stylish VR headset but it is, perhaps surprisingly, among the heavy ones at 420g. It has a 96o FOV and easy to use control panel on the right side of the headset. It also features backward compatibility, but unfortunately it is compatible only with smartphones produced by Samsung. These too are among the more expensive VR headsets on the list but you can search for a special offer to get them for under £79.99.


Well, it would be pretty silly not to mention ourselves now, wouldn’t it? iVROX VR headsets are also among the cool-looking ones (if we do say so ourselves) due to their stylish design. Like other headsets, the iVrox is powered by smartphones. Eye strain is minimal due to the anti-glare lens combined with a 103o field of view. The VR headset is compatible with iOS and Android, allowing you to enjoy the wide variety of apps available on the App Store and Play Store.


You can of course also access iVROX’s own VR Store. They have a design compatible with almost any smartphone, provided the screen size is between 4 and 6 inches. You can also use the Bluetooth compatible remote control for a seamless VR experience. Get your hands on great deal to get them at under £49.99.


The highlight of these headsets is the ZEISS optics. They are eyeglass compatible and the head strap can be removed too. VR ONE Plus supports any smartphone between the screen size of 4.7-inch to 5.5-inch. It has a nearly 100o FOV. It is made of foam that you can detach when it wears out. These headsets are among the cheaper ones that you can conveniently get them at under £79.90.

These are some of the most affordable VR headsets on the market that offer an authentic virtual reality experience without disturbing your budget. While there are many other gadgets out there, with these you get the best bang for your buck.

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