3Glasses X1 Spells The End Of Bulky VR Headsets

3Glasses X1 Spells The End Of Bulky VR Headsets
April 10, 2019

3Glasses releases ultra-thin $265 VR headset X1


In today's "Seeing" 2019 New Product and Strategy Conference, 3Glasses finally released their much-anticipated 3Glasses X1.


After displaying the promotional video, 3Glasses CEO Wang Jie talked about the development of virtual reality and 3Glasses. Then, the Microsoft partner officially unveiled the new VR headset X1, which will officially ship at the end of May.


Wang Jie said that the main features of the X1 are "lightness", "thinness" and "clarity". The bare metal weight of this device weighs less than 150 grams, and its size is 165 (length) × 61.8 (height) × 23.5 (thickness) mm. In addition, the pixel density is 806 PPI, for a resolution of 2400×1200, and the field of view is 88.6 degrees for a single eye (105 degrees for both eyes).


The parameter configuration information shows that the product's response time is 6ms, the refresh rate is 90Hz, and a proprietary ultra-short-focus optical technology is used to achieve excellent optical performance. X1 also comes with diopter adjustment function: taking into account the needs of users suffering from myopia, the adjustment range can reach 600 degrees.


In addition to being perfectly adapted to the 3Box A2, the 3Glasses X1 can also be adapted to computers and smartphones, allowing users to switch between multiple applications.


Besides, in order to give consumers more choices, the company released the streamlined mini-host 3Box A2. This neck-wearable device features a Qualcomm Opteron XR1 processor with a three-degree-of-freedom feel controller and supports both the 3Glasses VR SDK and the Qualcomm VR SDK.


The size of the 3Box A2 is 226.5×226.5×47.8mm, and the battery life lasts 5 hours. It provides WiFi dual-screen dual channel, interface design Type-C, storage is 4Gb LPDDR4X, with an expanded memory of 128Gb.


Mr Wang Jie also introduced 3Glasses' content library, including programs from iQiyi VR, VRSHOW, VeeR, SteamVR, DD VR, etc.


For more information and pre-orders please visit the official website of 3Glasses.

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