High Fidelity Aims To Teach WWII History In VR

High Fidelity Aims To Teach WWII History In VR
February 11, 2019

This new position from High Fidelity looks like a dream job:

"High Fidelity is looking for a trained historian, seasoned hobbyist, or passionate collector to act as World War II memorabilia docent and educator for a virtual reality project. The project has the potential to run for several months and involve weekly scheduled presentations to online students and learners."


Required Background: Extensive knowledge of World War II aircrafts, weaponry and tactics to provide an in-depth tour of visual memorabilia. Ability to convey information and answer questions to groups of up to 25.


This position is an extension of High Fidelity's education program, which began with a virtual recreation of a tomb in ancient Egypt. "Jobs in VR are going to a big part of our future," as CEO Philip Rosedale explains. "There are four Egyptologists leading sold-out tours, and growing. [Video below.] We thought World War II was the right next thing to try."


Really interested to see what kind of installation High Fidelity is planning. WWII remains a central facet of popular culture, especially as a stage for 3D online games (most recently with Dice/Electronic Arts' Battlefield V, pictured above), so it should draw quite a lot of interest. It would be wonderful if HiFi could find World War II veterans to participate in the program, and bring their precious first-hand memories into this new, immersive platform. (As of late last year, there are about half a million US vets who are still alive, but we lose so many to old age every month.)

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