XR & AI Set To Reign Over The 2019 French Open

XR & AI Set To Reign Over The 2019 French Open
April 5, 2019

The information technology firm Infosys has entered into a collaboration project with Roland-Garros. The project is set to deliver a new digital technology solution for one of the world’s oldest tennis tournaments - The French Open.The types of technologies that will be incorporated include artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, mobility, virtual and augmented reality. These technologies will be clustered around three themes:

- Re-imagined fan experience. Powered by data and analytics this will include an innovative, intuitive user interface tool that will allow tennis watchers to follow live scores and to delve deeper into match analytics. This service will be available to access from the Roland-Garros website for the duration of the tournament.

- Empowering players and coaches. This will be based on artificial intelligence and an advanced digital platform. This will enable tennis players and their coaches to study and analyse a player’s game throughout the tournament. The service incudes video analytics, with a degree of machine learning to help to guide coaches as to what is working well and what is not.

- Roland-Garros Fan Engagement amplified with virtual and augmented reality. This takes the form of an immersive experience, which will be located at the tournament at the ‘Infosys fan zone’. The aim is offer tournament goers the opportunity to experience stepping onto the Philippe-Chatrier clay court and play tennis.


Commenting on the project, French Tennis Federation President Bernard Giudicelli stated: “We are truly delighted that Infosys has joined us as a partner of Roland-Garros. This partnership centres around digital innovation, a key pillar of the tournament, and will offer tennis fans an even richer experience.” The new collaboration between tennis authorities and Infosys, which is set to run for three years, is designed to provide sports fans, players and coaches with a new digital experience.

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