Watch Zion Williamson Flushing Dunks In VR

Watch Zion Williamson Flushing Dunks In VR

Zion Williamson has transcended traditional high school hoops hype to become a bona fide phenomenon. Half of the AAU matchup that shut down an overfilled Las Vegas arena (LaMelo Ball was the other half, to be fair), Williamson gets coverage as if he were a rock star. Just showing up at a Wofford basketball game made national headlines, here and elsewhere.


All that attention inevitably inspired Sports Illustrated to get in on the act, with the magazine launching a profile of the teen star and some ridiculously cool affiliated virtual reality video of Williamson dunking.


This may not be the ultimate connection of slams from Williamson, but the group of them belong in the pantheon. When adding in the virtual reality factor, the Sports Illustrated clip becomes definite, must see video for all Zion supporters and online gawkers.


As for the Spartanburg Day School star, he clearly wasn’t intimidated by needing to perform a series of dunks for a group of cameras. After all, when you’re used to being in headlines every week, what a few more dunks for a national audience?

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