Twitter In Hysterics After Carragher's VR Stunt

Twitter In Hysterics After Carragher's VR Stunt
April 2, 2019
Jamie Carragher was slated on Twitter for using the headset during analysis on Monday Night Football.


Sky Sports pundit used the advanced technology to break down Chelsea's offside goal against Cardiff City.


The Liverpool veteran used the advanced piece of kit to show the view of the linesman for Chelsea's equaliser during Sunday's controversial win over Cardiff City.


The Sky Sports pundit went the extra mile to prove that Cesar Azpilicueta's strike was offside.


And after a brief struggle to get the headset on, he proved that the linesman's view was obstructed.


Viewers could see everything that Carragher could see through the headset - but they were far from impressed.


One said: "Is this really some sort of parallel universe or is Jamie Carragher really wearing a VR headset live on Sky?"


Another joked: "My mum is paying for Sky Sports to see Jamie Carragher play VAR Wii boxing!"


A tweet read: "Welcome to Monday Night Football where we barely mention the two teams playing tonight.


"Now we go live to Jamie Carragher who's wearing a VR headset for no apparent reason."


While some fans were convinced that Carragher was using the technology as an April Fools joke.


One said: "Pretty sure Jamie Carragher drifting about in virtual reality glasses is some sort of April Fools."


The linesman at the match blamed Chelsea star Willian for blocking his view of the offside equaliser.

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