This Shaper Now Makes Boards In Augmented Reality

This Shaper Now Makes Boards In Augmented Reality
March 6, 2020


Photo Credit: screenshot


Some shapers fear online board shopping because they worry the masses will flee (or have already fled, really) from brick and mortar or even the pitiful website of the shaper they know for the shine and bling websites of Big Surfboard. Some shapers embrace digital shopping, grabbing it for a bear hug with both arms. Jeff “Doc” Lausch is clearly an online shopping lover.


His label, Surf PrescriptionsOpens in a new Window., has just launched an augmented reality feature on their website that allows the user to virtually place a potential board from Lausch’s stable in their apartment, car, bedroom, backyard, dense forest, IHOP bathroom, the sands fronting the Pyramids of Giza, anywhere they’re standing slack-jawed and staring at their phone. You know augmented reality, yes? Virtual reality-lite, really. An image of a surfboard is rendered in close to 3D on your phone screen while the camera shows you what you’re looking at. It’s as close as you can get to pulling a board off a rack in person without actually doing that.


Here, click this linkOpens in a new Window., and watch the explaining vid.


Here’s what it looked like when I “brought home” one of Lausch’s grovelers.

Photo Credit: Housman


Is this the future? Who knows. Augmented, virtual, digital realities of various shades have been juuuuust around the corner since at least 1999. Pretty interesting to play with and think about though.

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