Rowing, Cycling & Running App Holofit Goes Multiplayer

Rowing, Cycling & Running App Holofit Goes Multiplayer
April 9, 2020

The only multisport VR Fitness platform has just released Online Multiplayer enabling their users to compete or train with each other on their rowing machines, bicycles or elliptical machines.


HOLOFIT from Swiss company Holodia has just launched their Online Multiplayer, further increasing the social aspect of this multisport VR Fitness platform. Rowers, cyclists and runners using HOLOFIT on their home fitness machines are now able to train together and compete in real time.


Online Multiplayer opens up for HOLOFIT members all around the world to join HOLOFIT online events and tournaments. Online Multiplayer is available in a variety of distances, ranging from 250 m to 2000 m, in 5 selected HOLOWORLDS: Tropical, Babylon, Antarctica, Saturn and Aiguebelette (French lake, host of World rowing championship).


Each race can have up to 5 contestants and there is no limit to the number of ongoing races. Holodia is planning to reward event winners and motivate community members to improve their performance.


In addition to Online Multiplayer, a new HOLOWORLD is also being released: Paris! Users get to take their workouts to the famous Parisian streets, explore amazing landmarks, and find hidden Easter eggs for extra points and rewards.


"With the current situation in the world, the majority of our users would be staying home. That's why we stepped up our game and are releasing these two features sooner than planned. We hope the social aspect Multiplayers offers and the new environment make isolation easier for our community members," said Bojana Knezevic, COO of Holodia.


HOLOFIT Go platform is available on HTC Vive Focus, Oculus Quest, Samsung Gear VR and Pico Neo.

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