A Look At A Bellingham Roller Derby Match In 360°

A Look At A Bellingham Roller Derby Match In 360°

Vikki Martin isn’t shy about what attracts her to roller derby.


“Hitting people feels good and that’s not something we as humans, and especially as women, are allowed normally,” said Martin, whose Cog Blockers competed in the Bellingham Roller Betties League championship match at Whatcom Community College on June 10. “That’s something all humans need to do, because that’s how we evolved – by besting people in battle. And that’s how we survived.”


Other competitors say the camraderie and teamwork involved in the sport is what attracts them.


“There’s a family dynamic that I really like,” said Taryn Rogers of Tough Love, which won the league title. “We’re all there for each other and we support each other and push each other, which is real nice.”


The Bellingham Roller Betties are a three-team female roller derby league, with those teams feeding into a travel team called Blunt Force Trauma. They just finished their 10th full season.


Here’s a 360-degree look at what’s it’s like during a match.


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