Fly Through The Waters On A Kiteboard In Cancun

Fly Through The Waters On A Kiteboard In Cancun
June 25, 2017

When the wind comes, so do the people. Around 12 miles outside of Cancun, a group of kiteboarders waits patiently for the conditions to pick up on a small stretch of land called Isla Blanca.


Kiteboarding (also known as kiting and kitesurfing) is a fast-growing water sport that represents a cross between paragliding and wakeboarding. Riders use large kites to harness the wind and fly across the water. Join master kiters, father and son duo, Foka and Anthar Racca for a high-speed session off the coast of Mexico in the video above.


Isla Blanca is in many ways a dream destination for kiters. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, riders are occasionally accompanied by flamingos. The wind conditions allow for kiting in every direction. The waist-deep water beckons beginners and professionals alike.


The room for growth that the lagoon provides is important because Anthar is considered one of the world’s kiteboarding prodigies. He’s been kiting since age seven. The technical tricks he’s now exploring draw attention whenever he’s on the water, and they demonstrate his commitment to pushing the sport to new levels.


Launch into the lagoon with the Raccas in the video.  

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