First Ever Kelly Slater Virtual Reality Surf Session

First Ever Kelly Slater Virtual Reality Surf Session

Kelly Slater is one of the best surfers in the history of the sport. His eleven world titles is an accomplishment that might never be repeated and his passion for waves has never diminished. Now for the first time, you can surf with Kelly in immersive virtual reality. In this 360 video, travel to the South Pacific and surf remote blue azure waves with the champ. 

“It's a new way of telling stories and the future of filmmaking,” says director Taylor Steele about the utilization and inclusion of VR technology in Proximity. “You're engulfed, you're there physically and you'll feel like you're there with us.” The Proximity project has been a multi-media experience including a full-length film, VR experience, photo book, and art gallery.

VR footage was captured using the GoPro Omni, which utilizes six GoPro Hero4 Black cameras. Watch for more virtual reality footage being released in the upcoming weeks on and find a Proximity tour stop here.

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