Dallas Cowboys AR Photo Booth Blows Fans Minds

Dallas Cowboys AR Photo Booth Blows Fans Minds
September 11, 2019
© Getty Images / Ronald Martinez


An augmented reality machine inside the NFL's Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium gives football fans the opportunity to virtually pose with some of their favorite players as footage of their 'Pose with the Pros' software goes viral.


If Dallas Cowboys' star running back Ezekiel Elliott took the time to pose with every fan who asked him for a photograph it is quite likely that it would come at the expense of time spent on the practice field, such is the demand for the crown jewel among Jerry Jones' galaxy of stars at the command of head coach Jason Garrett. 


Luckily for all involved, a machine which gives fans the opportunity to snap a picture with their gridiron heroes has been installed in the lobby of the 80,000-seater stadium, and footage from it has prompted football fans of all creeds and loyalties to admit that it is incredibly impressive.


The contraption uses augmented reality technology to allow fans to choose which Cowboys players they would like to be photographed with. Once selected, the person being photographed stands in the centre of the frame before several players appear on the screen as if they are standing right beside he person being photographed.


Ezekiel Elliott's recent return to the team after protracted contract negotiations during the off-season threatened to derail both Elliott and the Cowboys' season but with arguably the most potent running back threat in the league (as well as an oppressive offensive line in front of him) Dallas fans will be breathing a sigh of relief that Elliott's contributions won't be in the virtual world alone this season.

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