Chris Robshaw Tackles Himself While Testing VR

Chris Robshaw Tackles Himself While Testing VR
September 20, 2019
Chris Robshaw was brutally tackled by himself thanks to virtual reality Credit: Rex Features


FORMER England skipper Chris Robshaw tackled HIMSELF while testing some state-of-the-art virtual reality technology.


Robshaw, 33, brutally took himself out thanks to the "haptic feedback" bodysuit.

Robshaw went up against himself in the futuristic showdownCredit: Rex Features


The Harlequins forward was joined by fellow former England star, flying winger Jason Robinson, and retired women's star Maggie Alphonsi for the futuristic showdown staged by Mastercard ahead of the Rugby World Cup.


Robshaw said: “It’s a strange experience, being tackled by myself, never thought I’d be doing that.


“The Contactless Tackle is a great way to bring fans together and introduce people to rugby if they haven’t played before.


"The technology is amazing, and I hope it will encourage more fans to get involved with the sport.”


Rugby fans were brought closer to the game in London by experiencing the sensation of a professional tackle, using a haptic feedback bodysuit in a full 360-virtual reality experience.


Jason Robinson said: “In my role as a Mastercard rugby ambassador I love to meet fans of the game, and to see their faces when I surprised them after the Contactless Tackle was priceless.


“I’m really excited for Rugby World Cup 2019 this year, especially being in Asia for the first time – bring it on.”



Maggie Alphonsi said: “As a Mastercard ambassador, I have a great opportunity to introduce more people to the sport.


“It’s exciting to be able to share my professional rugby experience with fans in a new way thanks to virtual reality and incredible technology.


“It’s also important for me to be able to encourage and inspire women across the UK to get involved with rugby.


"It really is a turning point for women in sport right now and I’m pumped to be a part of it.”


The "Contactless Tackle" is part of Mastercard’s worldwide partnership with Rugby World Cup 2019TM and Mastercard continues to look into how technology, including haptic body suits, can be used to bring people closer to rugby and sport.


Nicola Grant, head of marketing and communications, UK, Ireland, Nordics and Baltics at Mastercard, said: “As a Worldwide Partner for Rugby World Cup 2019 and with our ambassadors, we hope to connect fans with their favourite sporting idols in new and unexpected ways.


“This experience gives fans the opportunity to get closer to the sport than ever before and feel what it’s like to play against some of the world’s great rugby players.”


Now in its eighth year of sponsorship of both the men’s and women’s Rugby World Cup, Mastercard is encouraging fans of all ages to get together during the tournament to create priceless memories.

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