Canoe: Class V Rapid Becomes A Metaphor For Life

Canoe: Class V Rapid Becomes A Metaphor For Life
April 6, 2017

Imbue Reality is leading the charge in paddle sports on the production of high quality 360º content for virtual reality viewers. In their latest procudtion, famed environmentalist Mark Dubois explains how a class V rapid is a metaphor for life, and how humanity must come together to find the safe and navigable path through the challenges ahead.


In 1979, Dubois chained himself to a rock in the Stanislaus River Canyon in California, temporarily blocking the drowning of the Stanislaus River under a reservoir.


This 360º video was filmed using 16 GoPros on a Google Jump camera. Enjoy the experience in 3d if you’re lucky enough to have access to a virtual reality headset!


If, like most folks, you do not own a headset, Imbue recommends watching in your browser or by standing up and turning with your phone.


Watch Imbue’s last production, Floating Tibet, and read a Q&A with the creators.

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