Behind-the-scenes Look At Norway's VR Training

Behind-the-scenes Look At Norway's VR Training
June 28, 2019
The Norway women's team has been using virtual reality in their World Cup preparations


- England face Norway in the Women's World Cup quarter-finals on Thursday

- The Norway women's team has been training with the aid of virtual reality

- It's designed to increase mental performance and increase match sharpness 



While the eight teams remaining in the Women's World Cup are all training hard, the Norway women's team has been taking things to the next level.


They're using virtual reality to boost their preparations, so England will need to be wary heading into Thursday's quarter-final match.


Norway are the only team at the World Cup using the VR technology, developed by the company Be Your Best in Oslo.

The technology, developed by Be Your Best in Oslo, is designed to boost match sharpness
It's used in addition to physical training to boost the mental performance of the players


The VR training programmed is designed to improve cognitive and mental performance in addition to the standard physical training. 


It has what is described as 'science-based vision/pre-orientation and decision-making training' to give players more match sharpness. 


It was developed by psychologist Geir Jordet, who has worked with Arsenal, Chelsea, the Norwegian Football Association and the Premier League. 

England's women's team has been in training for the big match, but in a more standard way


It's not only the women using it either. Norwegian winger Martin Odegaard, who is currently out on loan from Real Madrid, trained his way back from injury using the technology after breaking his foot in April 2018. 


Norway face England on Tuesday night in an all-important World Cup quarter-final match. Kick-off is at 8pm BST.


England will be looking to put the ugliness of their round of 16 match against Cameroon behind them as they look to progress through the tournament.

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