12 International Cricketers Compete In VR

12 International Cricketers Compete In VR
March 5, 2019

iB Cricket, a new format of Cricket, is the first true sport in Virtual Reality. It is a highly immersive vSport (eSport in Virtual Reality) with a potential to reach 500 million users across the world.


iB Cricket has got 95% five-star ratings from more than 15,000 users across the world (including places where cricket is not played) during beta testing. Irrespective of age, gender & cricketing background, everyone is enjoying the vSport alike. iB Cricket was launched in the presence of President Shri Ram Nath Kovind and many international cricketers have been awestruck with the quality of the vSport. Watch Teaser here.


iB Cricket in association with Viu streaming media company is hosting a show named iB Cricket Super Over League - Season 1. It is a first-of-its-kind Virtual Reality Cricket tournament where 12 prominent International cricketers (like Virender Sehwag, Suresh Raina, Herschelle Gibbs, Mc Cullum, Prudhvi Shaw etc.) compete against each other in iB Cricket. The players are divided into 4 teams which compete for the League Trophy.


- World’s 1st Virtual Reality Tournament

- 12 International Cricketers compete

- Sehwag, McCullum, Dilshan, Raina, Gibbs

- Emerging stars Prithvi shaw, Shubman Gill


The show comprises of 12 episodes. In each episode, 2 cricketers compete with each other in a super-over match. While one player wears a virtual reality headset and bats, the other player would decide the bowling and field placement using a software console.


The setup and screenplay would be similar to that of a cricket match. The hosts, along with other team members from either team analyse, cheer, taunt and support their players, creating a more appealing atmosphere for a better visual experience.


The show will be streamed on the Viu app and also broadcasted on TV across the globe. Further, it will be present on YouTube and Facebook in perpetuity once the broadcasting is complete. We've onboarded RedFM and established cricket platforms like CricTracker, MyTeam11, etc. for cricket enthusiasts to receive extensive coverage of the league.

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