WFPK Lets Fans Enjoy Sold Out Concerts In VR

WFPK Lets Fans Enjoy Sold Out Concerts In VR
August 5, 2018

Alternative radio station WFPK is using virtual reality (VR) to bring the concert experience to fans that aren't lucky enough to get a ticket to their weekly sold out concerts. The concert hall at the station only seats 70, so fans of the venue have to be quick and lucky to get a ticket before the show is sold out.


Since so many in the Louisville, Kentucky area are fans of the concerts, the station has decided to live-stream the events in VR on the Endless Riff app to allow more patrons to experience the shows. The app is found in the Oculus Store.They also have audio only recordings available and Facebook live-streams.


"Our age demographic (35-55) is in line with the audience Endless Riff is trying to reach," said WFPK Program Director Stacy Owen. "Our listeners are at an age where they have more income, but not as much time or inclination to go out to live shows. Offering concerts in VR gives us a chance to share the artists we love in live performance with those who don't make it to shows like they used to. It also gives us a chance to expose our service and brand to an audience outside of our local community."

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